EY Committee logoA snapshot of Cranbrook

As the economic and geographic heart of the East Kootenay, the City of Cranbrook serves a population exceeding 55,000. It’s beautiful natural setting, well developed tourist facilities and access to major tourist attractions including many golf courses and Fort Steele Heritage Town are the key ingredients for the local trade and convention industry.

Area Contacts

Natalie Rudrum

Cranbrook Early Years Coordinator

Email: cranbrookearlyyears.ccs@shaw.ca

Who We are

The Cranbrook Early Years Committee emerged in 2002 to provide a forum for individuals and interested groups to work together to address the importance of the first six years of a child’s life. The Cranbrook Early Years Committee’s vision is “a community dedicated to the importance of the Early Years as the foundation to future success”.

What We Do

The goals of the team are to increase awareness and participation in quality Early Years services and programs; to increase community partnerships that can improve services for young children and families in Cranbrook; and to advocate for quality Early Childhood development.  We value children, family and community and respect diversity and inclusion.  Life long learning begins with research-based high quality, safe, affordable programming and services in collaboration with our community.

Our committee is dedicated to working with local and regional governments and other interested parties to help ensure that Cranbrook children ages 0-6 develop the emotional, social , cognitive and physical skills they need before they enter school.

Through these partnerships we hope to build and enhance community services in Cranbrook; through engaging citizens in early childhood development and funding programs that strengthen young children and their families.

We envision a community where all children are valued, nurtured, loved and given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Additional Information

“Comfort your child today, shape who they will be tomorrow!”